Marika Hackman‘s lyrics are often overheard and falsely interpreted, and that although her voice is mostly accompanied by nothing but a single guitar. To invite fans to listen to the depth of her words, this concept was made to present the lyrics in a more readable manner than standard CD booklets. Four separate books were made to accompany each vinyl in this box set, in which the texts are listed similar to books of poetry. That way it is easy to follow the songs while listening to them, or just reading the lyrics without needing the music with them. Either way you can feel the melancholic impact of Marika Hackman‘s words and interpret them in your own way.
The books were hand bound, purposely left with a visible seam. Each book is the size of a 7" vinyl disc and protected by screenprinted hardcovers in white linen. The four topics – desire, heartbreak, despair and insanity – are marked in four different pastel shades, and are characteristic on both book and record cover. An excerpt of lyrics are also printed on both book and cover, giving a feel for the lyrical content of each group of songs. The lyrics are printed on 150 g/m² Munken Print White paper. Single sheets of transparent paper screenprinted with splatters were inserted to separate some pages and add white space, atypical for usual lyric booklets.
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