Type Design – Woodletter Universe

Create a character set (upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation) in digital form. Select and produce the necessary characters for a type specimen print – a quote that illustrates the beauty and quality of the type. For this purpose, use the possibilities of laser cutting and create wooden letters that can be used in letterpress printing. Create a documentation that includes all the steps of the work (sketches, mistakes, ideas, and so on).

Based on the Univers by Adrian Frutiger, a complete typeface was created. For this purpose, the extrabold and the extralight font styles were combined and overdrawn. A letter always contains the entire spectrum of extreme widths. To take this to the extreme, the letters were designed as shadow typefaces – as is the case with Umbra. By using the most modern technology (laser) and the old printing technique, a very unique impression was created.
Universe – Print & Presentation

By using a letterpress printing press and an ideal ink carrier (carved wood) traces of the material are created. Individuals prints are created with the help of digital technology. The impression of the craft is preserved. A wooden box for storing the letters, type posters with illustrations and a documentation in complete silkscreen with a wooden cover are created. The documentation is completely in black (paper) to allude to the black art of printing.
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